Let e2o Health help you generate additional revenue.

Partnering with e2o Health can create significant value for managed IT firms and healthcare managed services organizations (MSO’s). By being a e2o Health partner, your organization can service the Regulatory Compliance needs (MIPS Submission and HIPAA compliance needs) of your clients. e2o Health partners not only get a referral revenue share of their clients’ subscriptions, but partners can also generate additional revenue by increasing their service offerings to include Regulatory Compliance.

Below are some of the benefits that partners and their clients can get from signing up with e2o Health.

Partner Benefits

  • Enhanced product offerings for your clients
  • Prevent clients from seeking MIPS Submission and HIPAA Compliance support elsewhere
  • Increased revenues from sales and from referrals
  • Expert Support for clients.
  • Affiliation with a recognized nationwide brand e2o Health and products
  • Access to greater number of clients
  • Education and training on e2o Health processes
  • Expert customer support from e2o Health
  • Build your reputation by offering clients the best product available for comprehensive HIPAA compliance.
  • Clients can focus on Medicine rather than Regulatory Compliance
  • Our products provides on-going oversight of all HIPAA compliance activities and MIPS Submissions
  • You will have your compliance team in place
  • Audit Preparation documentation
  • Employee training and tracking
  • Encryption
  • Secure email account(s)

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